Angelina and Lorraine

Love Lives Here

Angelina loves living at Weston Bridges. “I am happy to be able to try living on my own. I have met great friends and we have fun together.”

Angelina is always on the search for fun activities. Full of energy, she enjoys participating in multiple Special Olympics sports when she’s not working at a local movie theater. She also enjoys taking the campus support dog Hugo to visit Bardwell senior residents.

Now, she has one more thing to love about living on our campus— living “next door” to her Grandma Lorraine. “I love Grandma and think it’s cool that I can visit her whenever I want to.” They love playing Uno, although Grandma says Angelina is hard to beat!

Angelina and Lorraine

Lorraine is settling in and is happy with her new home. “I wasn’t sure I wanted to move out of my house, but I also was a bit lonely. I made sure Angelina was happy about me being her neighbor!”

Angelina also brings her friends from Weston Bridges to visit too. “Grandma always has time to talk with me and tells funny stories about when my mom was little.”

“Mom” Debbie is thrilled to have her mother and daughter living on the same campus. She explained that when she first toured Weston Bridges, she immediately had a positive feeling about its environment and welcoming atmosphere. Months later, when her family started touring senior communities for her mother, who was living at home at that time, she got the same feeling of warmth and caring at Bardwell Residences.

Angelina and Lorraine family

“After finding the perfect home away from home at Weston Bridges for our daughter Angelina it was a no brainer when needing to find something similar for our Mom. We knew Bardwell would provide the same attention, care, and overall family feel. Having her granddaughter so close to her is great, and the interaction of the other young adults from Weston Bridges is the cherry on top for my mom.”

Angelina and Lorraine

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